CAPS, which stands for Argentinian Seeds Producer Company, was established in 1993. It represents the world’s leading horticultural seeds trademarks and is in charge of its distribution throughout Argentina and its Latin American neighbors.

Since it was established, our company has experienced a continuous growth; both in seeds commercialization and in the role it plays within the local market.


Our vision is to make worldwide technological advancements, mainly in the genetics field, in order to bring along changes in crop management as well as in hybrid enhancement. As a result; better yields and endurance to illnesses, among other things, would be achieved. However, in order to enjoy the benefits of such quality improvements, accurate development of the local market is needed which means that continuous research has to be carried on.


Our mission is to lead the local horticultural market and eventually integrate into the international market as well. We believe we can do so if we stick to our three pillars: constant innovation, hard work and the well-known international brands we already commercialize. In order to fulfil our customers’ expectations, we conduct research and run tests on several seed varieties until we find the most suitable ones.


  • Our work force is our best asset.
  • Respect is more important than business.
  • We want our company to be like a family.
  • Protecting the environment is one of our greatest challenges.
  • We’re committed to aiding those who are in need. As a way of helping people to find a way out, we foster the development of communal gardens.